A Cat's Night

A Cat's Night 1

A graphic adventure game with lots of cats!

A graphic adventure game with lots cats!

In this adventure the player meets Orazio, a big friendly cat who, with the help of his friends, needs to find a way to stop an evil multinational corporation that wants to tear down the cat shelter to build a motorway. All of this happens over the course of one night, during which Orazio will have to come up with all sorts of tricks to find a solution to the problem.

The interface is the classic "Sierra style", with the pop-up inventory in the middle of the screen and the icon bar for basic interactions: talk, interact and look on the top.

This game was created in collaboration with an Italian association and is part of a project destinated to schools to teach children the importance of respect towards animals.

This adventure game is designed for children but the puzzles can be really fun for adults too.

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A Cat's Night


A Cat's Night 1

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  • by Anonymous

    i love it.
    it is so beauty full i play it all day it talks very cute
    Pros: i like the sweet voice i lov...   More